The LENSAR® Laser provides surgeons with uniquely adaptive technology that guides confident astigmatism management with unsurpassed precision for toric IOLs and arcuate incisions. Successfully managing astigmatism during cataract surgery is critical for delivering optimal clinical outcomes, as 70%-90% of cataract patients have treatable astigmatism.1

1. Dr. Warren Hill. Distribution of Corneal Astigmatism – Normal Adult Population. Accessed August 22, 2017


IntelliAxis Refractive Capsulorhexis®

  • Biomechanically stable and permanent capsular marks enable you to precisely mark the capsule on the steep axis to guide toric IOL alignment, both intra- and post-op
  • Eliminates parallax experienced with manual and corneal markings

Wireless Transfer of Pre-Op Diagnostic Data

  • Pre-op diagnostic data can be transferred wirelessly from Pentacam® and the Cassini® Ambient to the LENSAR Laser System (USB integration available with Nidek® OPD-Scan III and Topcon Aladdin)
  • Guides more precise astigmatism treatment planning and eliminates potential transcription errors

Iris Registration

  • Automatically confirms image compatibility at point of capture during the pre-op diagnostic exam* (e.g., detects poor focus, upper/lower eyelid blocking iris)
  • Provides confidence in corneal incision placement by comparing pre-op image to the images taken at the laser while the eye is docked
  • Not affected by loss of vascular detail due to pharmacological effects
  • Automatically adapts for cyclorotation to increase precision of laser spots and eliminates need for corneal ink marking

*Available using the Cassini® Corneal Shape Analyzer and Pentacam®.

Arcuate Incision Planning

  • Allows for convenient, one-touch arcuate incision planning based on the surgeon's most current pre-programmed nomogram data to guide reduction of residual astigmatism
  • Adapts treatment based on individual patient biometric measurements and surgeon-defined parameters to automatically determine incision depth, location, and length

Surgically Induced Astigmatism (SIA)

  • Automatically adapts incision parameters to account for SIA and residual astigmatism entries